Star Wars: Children of Tomorrow is a post canon Star Wars role play that is focused on user generated plots and set in 376.5 ABY. Our factions include the Jedi and Sith Orders, the Imperial Knights, Independents, and the Anti-Force Guild.

Open and going strong for over three years, we offer a friendly, active role playing environment with lots of character and plotting opportunities. Wanna play a Jedi? Go for it. How about a smuggler with a ship that can make .5 past lightspeed? Awesome. The galaxy is yours to be part of!

The Jedi Order 18
The Sith Order 11
Anti-Force Guild 6
Independents 18
Imperial Knights 8
Site Updates
July 8th, 2014

A new plot write up has been written, which includes some new details. You can find information on the new write up as well as some other things here.

IC News
Cailyn Valcrest, Princess of Onderon, is being crowned queen in this thread. If you have a character where it makes sense for them to be involved, join in on the thread and celebrate with Jedi and noblemen/women alike!

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