Star Wars: Children of Tomorrow is a post canon Star Wars role play that is focused on user generated plots and set in 376.5 ABY. Our factions include the Jedi and Sith Orders, the Imperial Knights, Independents, and the Anti-Force Guild.

Open and going strong for over two years, we offer a friendly, active role playing environment with lots of character and plotting opportunities. Wanna play a Jedi? Go for it. How about a smuggler with a ship that can make .5 past lightspeed? Awesome. The galaxy is yours to be part of!

The Jedi Order 6
The Sith Order 9
Anti-Force Guild 4
Independents 12
Site Updates
April 4th, 2014

It's Children of Tomorrow's birthday month! We've added a section to the board for celebrating our third birthday where you can find activities throughout the month, including member award nominations and the Star Wars watch-a-long that we're determining a viewing order for. At the moment we're planning on starting the watch-a-long on April 23rd and ending it on April 28th. Also, we have a newly updated list of wanted characters/character types. Please check them out and if you're interested in taking up one of the specified characters, let us know!

IC News
Onderon has officially been reclaimed by Princess Cailyn Valcrest, rightful heir to the throne of Onderon!

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